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Book: 42 Rules of Marketing:
A Funny Practical Guide with the Quick and Easy Steps to Success
42 Rules of Marketing

The 42 Rules series offers busy business leaders, like me, an opportunity to get our ideas out there in a clear, concise and fun way.  The books, the webcasts, and the push emails are a huge benefit to authors seeking marketing support for their books.”
Chris Muccio, Author of “42 Rules to 24-Hour Success with LinkedIn”

About Us
Super Star Press was founded to help independent professional establish themselves as experts in their field through writing, publishing and marketing books.

Publisher: Mitchell Levy
Mitchell Levy, CEO, Happy About® is a strategist, educator & prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations and individuals to allow them to create their own success. Books are his latest and most powerful toolset.

Executive Editor: Willis Turner
Willis Turner, CAE CME CSE, Executive Editor of the 42 Rules Series, has gained international recognition for spearheading worldwide membership and professional certification growth as the President & Chief Executive Officer of USA based Sales & Marketing Executives International. Willis is also founder and CEO of Old Clayburn Marketing & Management Services Inc., a full service association management firm, and is Executive Director of the SME Foundation for Marketing Education. As a well-recognized keynote speaker on professional certification, business ethics and leading edge sales and marketing topics, Willis leverages his worldwide business travel experiences to convey an informative and motivating message to his audiences. He also volunteers in many capacities. Willis is President of Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals Association. He has served as a member of Kaplan University Advisory Board (USA) and serves on the National Advisory Board for DECA Inc. Willis has taught Sales Management at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business. He resides near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife of 30 years.

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